Things to Check Before You Use a Washing Machine

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Imagine this scenario. You’ve got a lot of projects/tasks on hand and you still have to do your laundry. Of course, you don’t want to waste time. You hastily put your dirty laundry inside the washing machine and activate it. When you come back and take out your clothes from the machine, you’re surprised to see your favorite skirt with a tear or your favorite pants with a huge blotch of ink.  

Well, these things can happen if you do not check your laundry before you use a washing machine. That’s why we are going to help you today. Before you use a laundromat in Brooklyn, here are a couple of things you need to check in your laundry.  


If you unknowingly leave coins inside the pocket of your pants or skirt, it can cost you a lot of money down the line. The strong force of the washing machine during the cleaning process can cause coins to break the glass doors of front-loading machines. In addition to that, smaller coins can make their way to your machine’s drain pump. This can result in expensive damage.  

Clothes with Stains that Can Catch Fire 

This might appear odd. However, there are a couple of cases that this can happen to you. If your clothing is stained heavily with flammable liquids such as cooking oil, paint thinner, alcohol, or gasoline, it can result in fire or explosion in the machine because of friction. Thus, before you place these clothes in the machine, make sure you pre-soak them.  


It isn’t recommended to clean your sneakers or running shoes in a washing machine. It does not matter if the tag on your shoes states that they’re machine-safe. If you can’t wash your shoes by yourself, there are a couple of things you should know before you use a washing machine.  

  • Make sure you create a protective covering by putting several towels inside the machine 
  • Put every shoe in a separate pillowcase or bag 
  • Get rid of any inserts, such as insoles 


It’s extremely common for people to forget their car keys or house keys in their pockets. Aside from causing damage to your machine and clothes, not taking out the keys before putting your clothes in the machine can also cause your car keys to short circuit.  


Though it is ideal to hand-wash your lingerie and other delicate fabrics, you may often be too busy to do it and simply shove it in your washing machine instead. You should know that the wires and hooks of your lingerie can tear other clothes. They can also cause damage and scratches to your machine.  


You should always examine the pockets of your pants and shirts for pens that you had used at school or work. Pens can break apart easily during the cleaning process. If this happens, the ink will spread and damage your clothing. Because of this, you might have to deal with getting rid of ink stains from your clothes.  

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